Telemental Health

We are proud to offer sessions via technology such as webcams, phone, chat/text, or email. We are located in the state of Georgia and have completed appropriate training to provide state compliant mental health via these technologies. This has proven useful to assist with providing treatment to individuals in rural areas or in situations where a clinician has established a beneficial relationship with the client but then one or both move to another state. At this time the majority of states have approved telemental health programs with more coming online with legislation and statutes being set. The Truth has used this technology to meet client needs for both Personal Therapy and Life Coaching and stays current on HIPAA rules and regulations surrounding this growing aspect of clinical practice. If this or some combination of this is for you, be sure to identify this during your intake process. Those considered inappropriate for telemental health services include individuals living with suicidality, substance abuse, access to weapons, high risk behaviors, psychosis, delusions, or other serious mental health disorders.