Katrinka Duckworth

Katrinka Duckworth is a business coach and consultant with over 15 years of experience in business operations and human resources management. After many years of working in corporate America, she gained a great amount of business experience and knowledge from the VPs with whom she worked closely every day. Katrinka learned things that she knew would be valuable to small business owners and would-be entrepreneurs in her community. That’s when she founded Harmon Business Consulting.

Since then, Katrinka has coached and consulted with hundreds of start-ups and small business owners, helping them develop effective strategies, implement efficient systems, and take actionable steps to achieve their business goals. Her clients have typically been in business for at least a year and are seeking guidance from someone who can share best practices and secrets to success.

As a business coach and consultant, Katrinka understands the challenges that come with running a small business. That’s why she works closely with her clients to identify the root cause of problems and provide customized solutions that meet their unique needs. Her approach is hands-on, collaborative, and designed to help you achieve measurable results.