Griffin Smith

Griffin Smith, LMSW

I’m a psychotherapist and social worker, but first I am a person, like you.

Let your curiosity guide you through the doubt, the pain, the fear, and the stigma that inhibits
you from taking that first therapeutic step towards your discovery, healing, and growth. I am
curious to know you, your story, and to work with you through your journey.

As a social worker in clinical practice, my approach is deeply rooted in social work tenets, which
aim to understand a person within the context of their environment, and accordingly work
collaboratively with them to develop the mechanisms for change; this process is inherently
steered by the client. Secondarily, I work from psychodynamic, relational/interpersonal,
humanistic/existential, and rational-emotive behavioral frameworks as agents for change. I have
special experience working with issues of addiction, relationships, identity, mood disorders,
anxiety disorders, and thought disorders.

I am available weekday evenings (with the exception of Tuesdays) and weekends at my
comfortable office in Sandy Springs. Let’s begin our professional relationship, and take the first
steps in your journey together.