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Making change is something each of us does at certain times in our lives. Sometimes it’s thrust upon us, sometimes we initiate it. Either way, it usually takes a toll on us and requires a shift from the way things were to get to the way they are. If we understand that change is essential for growth, that without it, there is no progress, then why is it so many of us resist change? The answers to these questions and many many more can be found within.

How One Love Counseling works

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Recognizing the problem

Day to day life is filled with ups and downs for everyone. But if those down feelings seem to never go away or are more intense than what it feels you can manage, it may be an indication of an issue with anxiety or depression.

We'll help you identify the thoughts and behavior patterns that perpetuate your issues, so you can work through them. You don't have to stay anxious and sad. You can find a better balance.